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I have been a private pilot since 1973 and received my license on my 17th birthday. I bought in as a partner in my dad's Piper about 20 years ago and became responsible for the aircraft logs. It quickly became clear to me that the logs were very fragile and extremely important. Several years ago I had a situation that caused me to start looking on the internet for a place to keep a backup of our logs. In my research I was unable to find a site that fit the need. At that point I created a database to keep the log books in digital form. That really did not work well either, because I had many aircraft owner friends that wanted me to keep their logs also and in a short time that became unmanageable.

So I got with a web developer friend of mine and together we came up with this site. I think as an aircraft owner myself, I had several key points that we wanted to achieve. Some of those items were, make it secure, make it simple, make it informative, and make it fun. I think that we have been able to do all of those in this site. We have truly come up with a toolbox for aircraft owners, that really works.

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