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RECENT NEWS: Click here to read about us in AOPA Pilot Magazine.

At we offer a secure place on the web to store your very important airframe, engine and propeller logs. As aircraft owners, there is always a concern with the possibility of logbooks being lost, stolen or destroyed. This web site offers a password secured place to keep a copy of your logs, so that if disaster strikes you will have the ability to recreate them in an FAA acceptable manner. As an aircraft owner, lost records have a devastating effect on the value of your aircraft.

On this site you will have the ability to make log entries as they happen and store it along with a scanned copy of the original mechanic signed document. If the original logs are lost, you can recreate them very easily.

Along with the peace of mind knowing that your records are safe, then comes a number of advantages that were never available before. You will have the ability to scan the logs for key words or phrases and the database will return every entry with that key, such as "AD" or "cylinder" or any other word or phrase that you want to query.

Another advantage is that if you are selling your aircraft, the potential buyer will want to review the logs before the purchase. You will have the ability to assign them a temporary name and password, and they will be able to look at the logbooks online, without giving them your delicate books.

Along with the other advantages, we provide pages where you will have a place to put info and pictures of your plane, as well as with information about the owner or partners in a owner group. Every plane owner wants to be able to show friends, family, and prospective buyers their "pride and joy".

This site is set up to be a secure and inexpensive place to store your records and create peace of mind for the aircraft owner. None of the information on this site will be shared unless you, as the owner, decide to make it available.

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